Thomas Rabe

short cv

He was born on 19th, May, 1976 in Leipzig. Passed examinations for A level in 1994 and during that time of learning he became a DJ. After those days of fun he wasted his time by doing useless things like 'Zivildienst', other jobs and trying to 'push' the Elastic Club. Founded 'Danasound' with ROXY in  January 1997. Since September 1997 he has been a student in computing science at the University of Leipzig . After Danasound had died, he founded the 'Drehmoment' project with Rasper and Krystoff which contains internet radio broadcasting twice a month.

current activities

computing science at the University of Leipzig

Drehmoment home

server administration at 1000°digital



Live at Nautilus, Triple Tape, 1996

The bliss of solitude, Tape, 1997

Spezial, Tape, 1997

By his bootstraps, CD / MD, 1998

You can't do that on stage no more, CD / MD 1999 listen

Life in a sampler, CD 2000 listen


 Linux on Gericom Blockbuster 2440

Page for setting up Linux on a Gericom Blockbuster Laptop.

 Linux on SONY VAIO

Page for setting up Linux on a SONY VAIO PCG-F212 Laptop.

 Tascam US-428 Linux driver

Linux driver project to get the US-428 USB-Audio/Midi controller work.

 Vivitar Vivicam 3610 on linux

Inforamtion about how to get the Vivicam 3610 working with linux.

 The PushDown Automation

A simple introduction to PDA & CF Parsing (in German). Contains a demonstraton Applet which can be quick started here and you can download the source & docs here


program, that determines the beats per minute.

 SMS (link dead)

several improvents (search engine etc.) on the Structure Management System (SMS) for the N24 News Webpage

 Dotwin (link dead)

complete programming for the animations of the Pro 7 dot-tamagotchi (without the components of the telephon popup).

Thomas Rabe
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