debian woody on my sony pcg-f212 (also known as pcg-f104k)

This documents describes how to setup a sony vaio pcg-f212 for running linux.
Please note: this page is under construction as my vaio configuration ;) Of course there isn't any warranty for damaged laptops.
Feel free to mail any comments & hints to


07/02/2002 added information about dvd playback, video accelleration & tv-out

15/06/2001 added Xfree 4.0.3 Configuration

technical data

for those who know: output of cat /proc/pci

tested & running:
650 MHz mobile intel III speed step processor, 64 MB RAM (I have 128 MB)
8 MB ATI Technologies Inc 3D Rage P/M Mobility AGP 2x, 14.1"TFT
Yamaha Corporation YMF-744B [DS-1S Audio Controller]
2 PCMCIA Slots
not tested yet but should working
2 USB Slots
FireWire (IEEE 1394)

not working
internal V90 modem (winmodem ???)


Currently Im running XFree Here is my XF86Config-4. Note: I'm using a wheel mouse you have to choose in the mousesection the PS/2 protocol (instead of my IMPS/2)
Because the xfree drivers are slow I installed the gatos ati.2 driver (there is no need to change the XF86Config-4). Note that there is also the DRI-Project with a experimental driver for mach64 3D support
For viewing DVD I'm using mplayer.
TV-Out is working with atitvout

[obsolete: information about X 3.3.6:
You have to choose the Mach64 server (and the vga16 or svga server for using XF86Setup).
my XF86Config (not optimized) only 1024x786.


The kernel (2.4.17) sound support works. I compiled as module, so an insmod ymfpci gives me the flavor of sound ;) In the kernel configuration you have to choose the CONFIG_SOUND_YMFPCI
The commercial Open Sound System detects the card but a extra licence is needed.
ALSA is untested.


Sorry, no info. I'm using a 3Com PCMCIA network card.


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Thomas Rabe

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