linux on my gericom blockbuster 2440

This documents describes how to setup a gericom blockbuster laptop for running linux.
Please note: this page is under construction as my laptop configuration ;) Of course there isn't any warranty for damaged laptops.
Feel free to mail any comments & hints to raven -at-


07/11/2003 initial release

important note about acpi

i expierenced strange problems with a d-link dwl-g650 wlan card. i solved this by installing a kernel with acpi patch. without acpi patch most of the hardware components claims other irq as with acpi.

technical data

for those who know: output of cat /proc/pci

tested & running:
2 GHz mobile intel IV processor, 512 MB RAM
64 MB ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9000 AGP 4x, 15"TFT, 1400x1050 display resolution
SiS7012 PCI Audio Accelerator
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R6012 (writes DVD-R(W))
1 PCMCIA Slots
2 USB 2.0 Slots
FireWire (IEEE 1394)

not tested yet but should working
internal V90 modem (winmodem ???)


Because the graphics device is a radeon 9000 you wil need at least X 4.3. (on my debian woody i installed one of the xserver-backports found on
Here is my XF86Config-4.
Note: I'm using a wheel mouse you have to choose in the mousesection the PS/2 protocol (instead of my IMPS/2)
dri is working fine, also viewing dvd via mplayer with -vo xv option.


sound works with ALSA snd-intel8x0 driver.


works with the kernel sis900 driver.


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(Last modified: 07/11/2003)